Practice area(s): Class actions
Location(s): Sydney
Qualification(s): BComm, JD

Mark Callender is a Class Actions Lawyer based at Maurice Blackburn’s Sydney office. He mainly works on consumer finance class actions, where many of our clients find themselves in severe financial distress.

“I enjoy seeing the results of a hard fought class action, such as compensating financially vulnerable clients who were duped into repaying exorbitant amounts of money to publicly listed companies. Without a class actions regime, the majority of these clients would be unable to act on their rights and be fairly compensated.”

Mark guides clients through the class actions process using plain English and practical advice to ensure they understand exactly what is happening. He is currently working on the Westpac home loans class action, having previously worked on matters against Cash Converters and Radio Rentals. He has prior legal experience in employment and industrial, insurance, dust diseases, and tort law. Prior to joining Maurice Blackburn, Mark worked in a consumer advocacy role within the telecommunications sector.