Location(s): Brisbane
Qualification(s): LLB, BJuris

Rod Hodgson is a Managing Principal at Maurice Blackburn. He and Peter Koutsoukis lead the firm’s Queensland practice, which is the largest of its type in Australia. Rod is based in Brisbane and travels regularly to our other Queensland offices. He has been listed by the prestigious Doyle's Guide as a workplace compensation lawyer of note, and says the most rewarding thing about being a lawyer is “making a positive difference”. Rod was presented the Queensland Law Society Outstanding Achievement Award in 2017 for his impact on the community and in legal circles over many years.

“I became a lawyer because I had a desire to make a difference to the lives of people who would otherwise not have redress for wrongs.”

Rod has almost 30 years of experience helping people access justice. Rod’s extensive knowledge of legal process extends to major litigation cases. He headed up the legal team that represented Dr Mohamed Haneef, who was wrongly arrested on terrorism charges in 2007 and awarded compensation by the Federal Government in 2010. Rod received the Australian Lawyers Alliance Queensland Civil Justice Award in 2011 in recognition of his work representing Dr Haneef, as well as the thousands of other people he had helped throughout his legal career.

"Mr Hodgson was chosen for this… award because his passionate pursuit of justice, and his dedication to ensuring those most marginalised… were better able to find redress through his efforts. As an advocate providing access to justice, Rod has also been involved in cases that benefit not only individuals but the community as a whole," ALA Queensland president Adam Tayler said when presenting the award to Rod.

“Every day, the team at Maurice Blackburn aggressively pursues companies who provide our clients with less than what the law expects. We take pride in achieving great outcomes,” says Rod.

Rod has also been responsible for many law-changing and leading cases, and he has been following and contributing to policy development and oversight on National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the National Injury Insurance Scheme (NIIS) since they were first mooted some time ago.

Memberships & accreditations

  • Queensland Law Society Member
  • Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist
  • Law Institute of Victoria Member
  • Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Specialist
  • Australian Lawyers Alliance Queensland Director


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