Practice area(s): Asbestos diseases
Location(s): Sydney
Qualification(s): BCom (Hons), JD, GDLP

Ronny Mounarath is an asbestos and dust diseases Associate in Maurice Blackburn's Sydney office. He represents plaintiffs in NSW and the ACT.

Ronny has notable experience in running novel legal claims in the Courts for clients suffering from mesothelioma, asbestosis and other dust diseases. He has represented plaintiffs that have successfully obtained judgments and compensation in the NSW Dust Diseases Tribunal and NSW Court of Appeal.

Ronny was involved in the recent case of Amaca Pty Ltd v Raines; Seltsam Pty Ltd v Raines [2018] NSWCA 216. In this case, the NSW Court of Appeal upheld the NSW Dust Diseases Tribunal’s award of $1,479,000 in damages to our client. This decision was important because it confirmed that the protective attention, constant supervision and availability to step in and provide care in cases of emergency, should be fairly compensated where an injured person has lost their ability to provide this category of care to a dependant. The Court’s decision underlined the importance of long-standing and beneficial family arrangements regarding the care of loved ones and dependants.

Ronny was also involved in the case of Jolly v Idameneo (No 789) Limited [2016] NSWDDT 5. In this decision, the NSW Dust Diseases Tribunal awarded $340,622 in damages to our client for his loss and injury related to his condition of mesothelioma. This was a case which demonstrated Ronny’s experience in: investigation of historical matters involving complex employment arrangements; identification and interview of eyewitnesses; and analysis of historical records.

Ronny was awarded his Juris Doctor in 2014 and was named on the UNSW Dean’s List for Academic Excellence in Law. He continues to broaden the scope of his knowledge and practice having recently completed a genetics course at Harvard Medical School and is presently undertaking a course on respiration in the human body.

Aside from representing plaintiffs in their claims, Ronny loves travel and football.

Memberships & accreditations

  • Law Society of NSW Member
  • NSW Young Lawyers member
  • Australian Lawyers Alliance