Practice area(s): Class actions
Location(s): Melbourne
Qualification(s): LLB, BAcc, GDLP

Sharni Robinson is a Class Actions Lawyer at Maurice Blackburn’s Melbourne office currently working in the settlement administrations team. Prior to being admitted as a lawyer, Sharni worked in Class Actions for several years as a paralegal.

“My main motivation for pursuing a career in law is that I like to help people and make a difference in their lives for the better. I believe that all people deserve to be treated fairly and justly no matter their background, social status or financial situation.”

Sharni is an empathetic lawyer who remains client and outcomes focused. She sees class actions as an important enforcement mechanism that provides people, who individually would be unable to take legal action against powerful organisations, with a fair and efficient means of pursuing justice. She also believes class actions help create a better society overall by challenging big corporations who may be abusing their power by pushing for better standards of corporate governance and improved accountability.


  • Law Institute of Victoria