Location(s): Brisbane
Qualification(s): LLB, GDLP

Sophie McKenzie is a Personal Injuries Lawyer at Maurice Blackburn’s Brisbane office. Prior to working at Maurice Blackburn, Sophie worked in occupational therapy, where she got a hands-on understanding of how injuries can impact someone’s daily life. That helps her better understand her clients and what they’re going through.

“I understand that making a claim can be very stressful and it’s often the first and only time my clients have ever spoken to a lawyer. I value making them feel comfortable and supported so they can tell their story, and always provide honest advice that is easy to understand.”

The strength and resilience of her clients in getting through such challenges they are facing is why Sophie is so passionate about helping them through their claim. She is dedicated to achieving a rewarding outcome so they can reclaim their identity and help rebuild their lives.

She is proud to work at a firm like Maurice Blackburn that truly values promoting access to justice and does not back down from a fight. 


  • Queensland Law Society
  • Australian Law Alliance
  • Women Lawyers Association of Queensland