Location(s): Melbourne

Holly Melisi is the National Business Development Manager, based in Maurice Blackburn's Melbourne office. She has more than 20 years’ of industry experience and uses insight and innovation to deliver smart, client-focussed marketing and business development programs.

Holly holds a Bachelor degree in marketing and communications from Monash University and a post graduate certificate in marketing from the University of Newcastle.

Holly describes herself as a community-driven business woman, mum of gorgeous little people, and true believer in improving lives in her ‘village’.

“As a teenager, I worked alongside friends and family to raise the funds my mum needed for a bone marrow transplant,” said Holly.

“This not only gave her a chance of life but raised awareness and encouraged donations that improved other people’s life.

“I had been intent on studying international relations but this experience made me realise how personally rewarding it could be to bring business skills and community together.

“I love using my skills and experience to support the community I live in. I get the chance to go home and tell my little girls about our impact, hopefully fostering the same spirit in them.

“Our people make our firm and have done for almost 100 years. We have great people, with experience that I see as second to none. They work together to seek the best legal outcomes for people that often have experienced significant life changing events.

“My favourite piece of client feedback so far was being told that our lawyers aren’t at all what they thought lawyers were like. They loved working with our team because of the integrity of our values.

“I grew up in Oakleigh South, part of a working class family that had worked hard for generations to get what they had. Our fun was swinging on a Hills hoist, getting wet under a sprinkler and playing street cricket.

“This community stood up for each other when times were tough, and beside each other, because there was strength in community. These are the same values that run throughout our firm; we champion the fight for what’s fair and stand up for everyday Australians.”

Holly is also a volunteer of West Welcome Wagon, helping newly-arrived refugees in accessing basic household and personal needs.