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Maurice Blackburn and the AWU

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers will go the extra mile to get you the compensation you deserve.

If you are injured at work or have suffered loss, I recommend Maurice Blackburn Lawyers. They are the experts in personal injury law and will get you the best possible outcome.

Maurice Blackburn champions the same values and causes as the AWU. Their lawyers have successfully fought to improve workers' rights and to achieve fairness in the workplace.

Maurice Blackburn is the preferred legal advisor for our union. While the firm has a strong reputation in work and road injury compensation, they can also help you with a range of other services including financial advice or Will disputes, medical negligence, asbestos and occupational dust related diseases and superannuation and insurance matters.

As a union member you can benefit from a range of free legal services, including a free initial consultation and a standard Will.

The AWU is proud to stand alongside Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, who has successfully represented thousands of our members.

If you need legal advice or assistance, please contact the AWU on (07) 3221 8844, or contact Maurice Blackburn directly.

Steve Baker Queensland Branch Secretary
Australian Workers' Union

Free Will service for union members

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About Maurice Blackburn

Fairness is a universal right, not just for the chosen few.

If the right to be heard, be free, be safe or be equal is compromised for one person, then we risk everyone’s rights, too. Because a society that’s unjust to others, is a society that’s unjust to all. From the time we were founded by trade unionist and lawyer Maurice Blackburn in 1919, we have had a strong commitment to workers’ rights and social justice.

In 1919, Maurice Blackburn – a man whose sense of civil liberty was ahead of his time – set the course for social justice in Australia. In the time since, his law firm has contributed to some of Australia’s most influential legal decisions, from the 40-hour week and equal pay for women and Indigenous workers, to the fight against patenting of human genes and the largest class action settlement in Australian history. And the legacy grows as we continue to protect the exploited, free the wrongfully detained and hold the big names to account. Although we’ve been leading the charge for over a century now, as far as we’re concerned, the fight for fair has only just begun.

Our Values


We’re for the little guy. We believe everyone deserves access to justice regardless of their financial means, whether they’re an individual or a group of shareholders.


We recognise that our clients put their trust in us to make the most of their shot at justice. So we work as a team to fight for a fair result for our clients. It’s the right thing to do.


It’s one thing to understand what someone is going through when the chips are down. It’s another to feel genuine compassion. At Maurice Blackburn we treat our clients and our colleagues like real people. We care about each other, and we’re not afraid to take thing personally.


Every day, Maurice Blackburn people are faced with a job that’s as complex as it is challenging. Good. We’ve never been afraid of the tough stuff. We approach hard work and big cases with a restless tenacity that is truly unique amongst our peers.

We have delivered thousands of compensation settlements for Australians who have suffered workplace accidents, or been victims of negligence and unfair practices. We believe that fairness is a universal right, not just for the chosen few. That’s why we fight for the rights of everyday Australians.

Your Maurice Blackburn team

Michelle James

Non-Executive Director, Head of North Injuries, Queensland Injuries and Abuse Law

(07) 3014 5012

Greg Spinda

Principal Lawyer, Office Leader

(07) 3014 5001

Jillian Barrett

Office Leader, Principal Lawyer

(07) 3809 7410

James Goddard

Senior Associate

Sunshine Coast
(07) 5316 0912

Tanya Straguszi


Cairns, Townsville, Mackay
(07) 4046 7107

Alison Barrett

Queensland Head of Public Liability

Gold Coast
(07) 5552 0410

Claire Gibbs

Office Leader, Senior Associate

Gold Coast
(07) 5552 0417

Michaela Bartonkova

Office Leader, Principal Lawyer

(07) 3490 4711

Samantha Davis


(07) 4646 1001

Melissa Meyers

Office Leader, Senior Associate

Brisbane, Bundaberg
(07) 3016 0375

Mala Heffernan

Senior Associate, Office Leader

Sunshine Coast
(07) 5430 8705

Andrew McKenzie

Principal Lawyer

Sunshine Coast
(07) 5430 8746

Jed McNamara

Special Counsel, State Team Leader

Sunshine Coast
(07) 5430 8739

Jonathan Walsh


Brisbane, Sydney
(07) 3014 5004

Giri Sivaraman


(07) 3016 0345

Sarah Vallance

Senior Associate

(07) 3016 0366

Josh Mennen

Principal Lawyer, National Litigation Leader

(03) 9605 2792

Arabella Kullack

National Estate Administration and State Litigation Leader

(07) 4046 7119

Benefits for being an AWU member

Find out what our specialist lawyers can do for you

As a member of the AWU you have the bonus advantage of having Maurice Blackburn in your corner. We have a 100-year history of fighting for Australians to get a fair go. And we have fought alongside and on behalf of trade unions every step of the way. That's a century of providing successful and innovative legal advice to trade unions across Australia, covering workplace disputes, industrial action, good faith bargaining, breaches of awards and agreements, and union right of entry matters.

With a hundred years experience under our belts, we’ve become experts at protecting and enhancing union members' rights. Which is why we are Australia's leading trade union law firm. We work together with the AWU championing the rights of everyday people and defending workers' rights.

As an AWU member, you can access:

Our specialist team of lawyers can be relied upon to:

  • be available when you need us and rapidly respond
  • perform reliably and dependably
  • use our unparalleled geographic spread of offices throughout Australia
  • keep you updated with developments on the legal landscape which may have implications for your members, their risk exposures, and for your organisation
  • achieve the highest volume of media coverage if necessary
  • avoid any conflict of interest, or even the appearance of possible conflict
  • remain loyal and discreet in our dealings with you.

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