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Maurice Blackburn lawyers will go the extra mile to get you the compensation you deserve. If you are injured at work or have suffered loss, I recommend Maurice Blackburn Lawyers. They are the experts in personal injury law and will get you the best possible outcome.

Maurice Blackburn champions the same values and causes as the AWU. Their lawyers have successfully fought to improve workers’ rights and to achieve fairness in the workplace. Maurice Blackburn is the preferred legal advisor for our union.

While the firm has a strong reputation in work and road injury compensation, they can also help you with a range of other services including financial advice or will disputes, medical negligence, asbestos related diseases and superannuation and insurance matters. As a union member you can benefit from a range of free legal services, including a free initial consultation and a standard will.

The AWU is proud to stand alongside Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, who has successfully represented thousands of our members. If you need legal advice or assistance, please contact the AWU on 1300 362 298, or contact Maurice Blackburn directly.

Ben Davis Victorian Branch Secretary


Injured at work?

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You are invited to attend our upcoming employment and industrial law seminar

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Wednesday 12 Oct 2017 
10am to 4pm

The name of the venue 
456 Venue Street, Suburb name, Victoria 3000

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About Maurice Blackburn

Fairness is a universal right, not just for the chosen few.

If the right to be heard, be free, be safe or be equal is compromised for one person, then we risk everyone’s rights, too. Because a society that’s unjust to others, is a society that’s unjust to all. From the time we were founded by trade unionist and lawyer Maurice Blackburn in 1919, we have had a strong commitment to workers’ rights and social justice.

We have delivered thousands of compensation settlements for Australians who have suffered workplace accidents, or been victims of negligence and unfair practices. We believe that fairness is a universal right, not just for the chosen few. That’s why we fight for the rights of everyday Australians.


Fighting for Fair is a Maurice Blackburn podcast series featuring compelling stories of social injustice.

The 12-week podcast series features the stories of 12 different people, bringing to life their personal struggle against a social injustice. From the plight of asylum seekers in offshore detention, to fighting for the right to own our genes, to David and Goliath victories against corporate greed, this is a podcast series like no other.

In this podcast we have AWU member and Maurice Blackburn client Gerald Wilkie. He had a normal life - a family, a dog, a mortgage. Until one day, he went to work and lost more than he could have ever imagined.

Listen here to not only Gerald’s story but all the people who have faced extraordinary circumstances. Despite their differences they all have one thing in common - the strength to keep fighting.

Listen and subscribe to Fighting for Fair 

Everyone has the right to feel safe, especially in their home. Sadly, this is not the reality for the victims of domestic violence. With the Guardian we look at some of the horrifying statistics of domestic violence in Australia; the signs, who it affects, and why it’s not easy to ‘just leave’. Check out the statistics and how you can help.

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 000. For sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling services call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit

Your Maurice Blackburn team

Liberty Sanger

National Head of Injuries

(03) 9605 2876

Kamal Farouque

Principal Lawyer

(03) 9605 2847

Kim Shaw

National Head of Superannuation and Insurance Claims

(03) 9605 2792

Jenna Amos


(03) 9605 2758

Gino Andrieri

Office leader

(03) 9794 0403

Jessica McAvoy


(03) 9871 9813

Brendan Johnson

Senior Associate

(03) 9334 6806

Lachlan Fitch

Office leader

(03) 9431 7500

James Marsden-Smith


(03) 9784 6113

Travis Fewster

Managing Senior Associate

(03) 5720 1500

Paul Zaharias


(03) 5018 4014

Matthew Fitzgerald


(03) 5174 8633

Salvatore Giandinoto

Office leader

(03) 9876 8555

Kate Sedgwick


(03) 8314 1200

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