Motorcycle Accident Compensation

Filtering, counter steering, mutterings of "Sorry Mate I Didn't See You" (SMIDSY) – and even prejudice – it's fair to say riders face a distinct set of challenges, both on and off the road.

We're always looking out for riders

Maurice Blackburn's dedicated team of road injury lawyers understand the issues and complexities that vulnerable road users such as motorcycle riders face every day. For far too long motorcyclists have been treated as the second-class citizens of the road: maligned, pigeon-holed as a nuisance and in many instances, literally run off the road by drivers. Whether you're riding through Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, or in regional areas all across Australia, we understand the anti-rider attitudes you face.

Hopefully you'll never need Maurice Blackburn's help, but if you do, you'll have Australia's only national network of motorcycle lawyers on your side. Our road accident lawyers will explain your right to claim compensation, no matter which state or territory you were injured in Australia, and we'll help you on your path to recovery.

Contact Maurice Blackburn for more information. We have offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and throughout Australia. 

Rider advocacy and Stop SMIDSY

Maurice Blackburn has taken on the task of helping to sort out this unfair treatment of riders. We are leading a growing campaign for change, tackling the issue from all angles, not just in court. By pushing for legislative change in parliament and bold online awareness campaigns, we are providing riders with a new and strong voice.

We can inform you of your rights, entitlements and other rider support services, and if you need someone in your corner, we'll fight for you.

Look out for Maurice Blackburn’s ‘Stop SMIDSY’ team at upcoming events. We'll be available to chat about road safety issues and provide riders rights information and free basic legal advice.

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