Redress scheme for survivors of institutional abuse

In November 2016 the Federal Government announced a federal redress scheme for survivors of institutionalised sexual abuse. The scheme will provide compensation and support to these survivors. If you experienced institutional abuse you may be entitled to compensation through the scheme which is expected to start in 2018

Why a redress scheme is needed

In many cases of institutional abuse the injuries of survivors can be severe and last a significant amount of time, often for life. Owing to the nature of the injuries and abuse suffered, and the time limits applied to abuse cases, many survivors have not been able to apply for compensation or seek justice for what happened to them.

One of the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse was to establish a redress scheme so these survivors could seek compensation for their injuries.

Justice for survivors of institutional abuse

Maurice Blackburn firmly believes in fairness for all, that’s why we strongly advocated on behalf of survivors for the redress scheme to be established.

If introduced in the way that the Royal Commission recommended, the scheme will mean that access to compensation will be available across all states and territories, and won’t matter in which state or territory the abuse occurred. Access won’t be affected whether the institution the abuse occurred in was government or non-government, and whether the institution still exists or has the assets to pay compensation.

If you are a survivor you may be able to claim compensation and don’t need to wait for redress. Speak to Maurice Blackburn today to understand where you stand.