Same-sex marriage plebiscite pro bono legal advice

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers’ social justice practice will provide pro bono advice in cases of vilification that stem from the upcoming same-sex marriage plebiscite.

The same-sex marriage plebiscite is scheduled to go ahead on February 11. The Federal Government has committed to funding the Yes and No campaigns to the tune of $7.5 million each.

We share the genuine concerns of the LGBTI community about the potential divisiveness of the No campaign, and the possibility that it will fuel hostile and unacceptable behaviour towards the LGBTI community.

If you are from the LGBTI community and feel that you have been vilified by campaign material related to the plebiscite, you are covered (in some states) by specific laws.

Not all states have laws that cover vilification based of sexuality. If you are from ACT, NSW, QLD, or TAS, you are covered by vilification laws. If you are from NT, SA, VIC or WA unfortunately you aren’t covered. In this situation we suggest that you contact your local MP to register you complaint and to request that Australia introduce national laws to protect you from vilification.

Everyone has the right to be equal, and Maurice Blackburn will fight for your rights.

If you feel you have been vilified as a result of plebiscite campaign material you can register your details with us.