Successful Will disputes cases

Every Will dispute case is different, and if you're thinking about challenging a Will you'll probably have a lot of questions about how it all works and what the outcome might be. These stories describe recent cases where we've helped people to successfully challenge a Will. Some names have been changed for privacy reasons.


Kathy spent many years caring for her mother, but despite all her time and effort, was left with less than 10 per cent of the Estate for her and her daughter when her mum died. They were the only two living relatives. This wasn't fair, and Kathy came to Maurice Blackburn to see if there was anything we could do. We worked with her to contest her mother's Will, and managed to increase her share to more than 40 per cent. This extra inheritance meant that Kathy could provide a better life for her daughter, including sending her to a good school.


Paul's parents divorced when he was a teenager, and he stayed with his mum while his sister went to live with their dad. Because of the living arrangements, Paul didn't have much to do with his dad after that. Although he didn't expect much of an inheritance, Paul was shocked to find out that when his dad died, he'd left the entire Estate to his sister, including the home Paul had grown up in. Despite the family circumstances, Paul couldn't believe his father had totally cut him out of the Will. Maurice Blackburn helped Paul get the share of the Estate his father should have left him in the first place.


Jean had a good relationship with her mum for most of her life, and was a loving daughter who helped out wherever she could. Unfortunately, they had a falling out when her mother was elderly and didn't get the chance to reconcile. When Jean's mother died, she left her entire Estate to Jean's brother, including the family home. This came as a huge shock to Jean, because she still loved her mum, and honestly believed her mum still loved her. Maurice Blackburn helped Jean get a fair share of her mum's Estate without going to court.


Jim grew up in a normal, loving family environment, but after a big argument with his parents when he was an adult, he became estranged from them. Unfortunately, this was never resolved. When his mother died, she left 90 per cent of her Estate to Jim's sister and brother, including the family home. Jim was hurt to find out he'd only received 10 per cent, because although he didn't have much to do with her, he honestly expected his mum would have treated him more fairly. Jim came to Maurice Blackburn for help, and we were able to quickly reach a settlement, which meant he got what he was entitled, and didn't have to go to court.

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