Document Storage and Release

Keeping your original Will secure is very important.  It should be stored in a safe place and your executor should know where the original document is located.

What if your original will cannot be found?

If, after your death, your original Will cannot be found, then in most cases you will be deemed to have died without a Will (intestate).  In this situation, your estate will be distributed according to the legislative formula in your jurisdiction (the “intestacy rules”).  This will generally not bring about the distribution that you intended.

What if you lose your original Will?

If your original Will goes missing and you were the last person to have it, then even if you have a photocopy of the document, you will still die intestate and your estate distributed according to the intestacy rules.  You will be deemed to have destroyed the original document, even if you haven’t.

Where should your original Will be stored?

To avoid the loss of your original Will and you being deemed to have died intestate, your original Will should not be held personally but stored in a secure location.

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers can store your original Will, and other important documents, free of charge, even if the documents were not prepared by Maurice Blackburn. 

Your original documents are available to you at any time upon request.

We can also provide you with hard and/or electronic copies of your documents so that they are on hand should you need to review them.   

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Managing a deceased estate?

Managing an estate after someone has died is stressful, and it can be complex. We can handle the entire administration process, or assist in applying for a Grant of Probate or a Grant of Letter of Administration. If you would like to discuss the options available to you please contact us to speak to one of our expert lawyers today.

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