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About the firm

Fighting back for almost 100 years

At Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, we fight for outcomes that make a genuine difference to peoples' lives. Maurice McCrae Blackburn founded our firm in Melbourne in 1919. Almost 100 years later, our founder's belief that the law should serve everyone, not just those who can afford it, remains at the heart of what we do. We're now a national law firm that has remained true to our roots of standing up for workers' rights and fighting back against unfair treatment, mass wrongs, and injustice.

We understand the compensation you receive is vital to ensuring quality of life for you and your family. Like our clients, our lawyers come from many backgrounds and have different experiences and expertise. They fight with tenacity, and treat clients with sincerity, respect and compassion.

Who we represent

Maurice Blackburn's compensation lawyers act for people who have been hurt, injured or suffered loss. We have expertise in cases involving work injury compensation, medical negligence, car accident injuries and asbestos exposure. Our lawyers are also experts in employment and industrial disputescontesting wills, assisting people injured in a public place or by a faulty product and in making superannuation and insurance claims. Through Maurice Blackburn Commercial, we provide advice and act in commercial litigation and financial advice disputes for a wide range of union and business clients.

Leading law firm

We have obtained over $1 billion in settlements for Australians since the establishment of the Class Actions department in 1998. 

Maurice Blackburn conducts most of the nation's biggest shareholder class actions and has conducted all of its cartel class actions. GIO was the first successful shareholder class action in Australian legal history. Commenced in 1999, it settled in 2003 for $112 million, and since then Maurice Blackburn has settled a further four shareholder cases for sums in excess of $100 million (Aristocrat $114.5m, Multiplex $110m, Centro $150m, and NAB $115m) We have successfully conducted, or are conducting, 16 large and complex shareholder class actions. 

We are also fighting back against unfair bank fees imposed by Australian banks including the 'Big 4'.

Pro bono work

Our Social Justice Practice is at the core of what we do. In appropriate cases that benefit the community, Maurice Blackburn provides free legal services. Currently we're representing a group of Traditional Owners not adequately consulted about Australia's first nuclear waste dump being located at Muckaty Station in the Northern Territory, and we're fighting against the right for companies to own the patents to human genes.