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Monday, 21 August 2017
In the news - Sunshine Coast Daily
'Stop being reckless': Coast man's message after fatal crash A coast man who was left fighting for life after a horror fatal crash that claimed the life of his mate is using his story to stop others suffering the same fate.
Friday, 11 August 2017
In the news - The Canberra Times
How Queensland can crack down on dodgy tow truck operators The tow truck industry desperately needs a facelift. "Sharks" and "crooks" are just some of the names used to describe rogue operators, with suggestions of "extortion and entrapment". But what can they get away with under the law?
Tuesday, 8 August 2017
In the news - Super Review
ISWG must give code teeth says lawyer The Insurance in Superannuation Working Group (ISWG) is unlikely to go far enough in implementing the strong code of conduct badly needed by the superannuation industry, according to Maurice Blackburn Lawyers principal, Kim Shaw.
Friday, 4 August 2017
In the news - The Sydney Morning Herald
What exactly is a trust and do you have to be rich to set one up? The latest hot topic dividing the main political parties is discretionary trusts and Labor's plans to change the tax structure to make them less beneficial.
Monday, 31 July 2017
In the news -
Education needed on default life cover: Maurice Blackburn Reforms allowing easier opt-out from life cover sold with superannuation are welcome, but education is needed to ensure consumers do not act to their own disadvantage, Maurice Blackburn Principal Kim Shaw says.
Saturday, 29 July 2017
In the news - The Age
Mill Park grandmother dies after heart vent attached 'back to front' A "catastrophic event" was how they described it later. But when Mill Park grandmother Ristosija Binisoska was wheeled into surgery her family had every expectation she would be walking out of hospital a few days later.
Friday, 28 July 2017
In the news - The Canberra Times
In what situations can you make a citizen's arrest? We have all been in situations where we have witnessed someone break the law, and for some of us we have had intruders on our property. Are you able to take matters into your own hands and make a citizen's arrest?
Wednesday, 26 July 2017
In the news - The Sydney Morning Herald
Government's intern plan is just a pathway to poverty With its recent announcement to establish 10,000 internships in the retail sector, the Turnbull government has made its intentions clear – it has no problem with the legal creation of a low paid underclass of young Australians, much like what has been seen in the US.
Monday, 24 July 2017
In the news - Lawyers Weekly
Maurice Blackburn lawyer takes to local court A Maurice Blackburn lawyer is hoping to highlight the need for proper court resourcing and improve access to justice in his new role at the Townsville District Law Association.
Monday, 24 July 2017
In the news - Lawyers Weekly
Finalists revealed for Australian Law Awards Lawyers Weekly is pleased to announce the finalists for the Australian Law Awards 2017.
Monday, 24 July 2017
In the news - My Sunshine Coast
Super life insurance reforms sensible step in providing choice for consumers Superannuation reforms announced by the Federal Government to improve the process for consumers regarding opt-out default life insurance are a sensible step in protecting a critical safety net whilst also providing greater choice, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers said today.
Friday, 21 July 2017
In the news - WA Today
Background checks: What can potential employers ask? Many questions, including what background checks were done, are still unanswered after the resignation of Greens senators Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters after they were caught out holding dual citizenship, making them ineligible under the Constitution to hold political office.