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Legal advice for senior executives and directors

Our expert executive employment lawyers have successfully acted for senior executives and directors across both the public and private sectors and a number of different industries such as health, finance, manufacturing, and energy. We provide legal advice on a range of issues for people in senior executive roles, including:

  • restraint of trade disputes
  • responding to allegations of misconduct
  • executive contract reviews and negotiations
  • short and long-term incentive schemes whether cash or share-based
  • notice period disputes
  • bonus disputes
  • alleged breaches of confidentiality obligations
  • contract termination disputes

We are highly-skilled employment lawyers and pride ourselves on our track record of resolving matters early to avoid unnecessary disputes, or the need to step foot in Court. 

We have significant experience in acting for senior executives involved in workplace investigations and disciplinary actions, whistleblower-type matters, misleading and deceptive conduct claims (in employment), and unfair dismissal disputes.  We can also assist with other claims arising under contract or legislation.

Executive contract review and negotiations

In negotiating a new contract, or negotiating terms and conditions within executive employment contracts, early legal advice can often save unnecessary conflict and secure the best outcome for you.

With our executive contract review service, our expert lawyers will review your contract (or a proposed contract) and provide you with legal and strategic advice to optimise your chances of success in negotiating your employment terms.

Restraint of trade

Employers often create broad restraints of trade clauses that go far beyond what is legally permissible to stop executives from working for competitors.

Whether you face allegations of breaching your restraint of trade by working for a competitor, or poaching clients from a former employer, or misusing confidential information, our executive employment lawyers have the experience necessary to advise you and to work with you to formulate a strategy to suit your career goals.

Executive employment termination 

The end of your employment, or your time on a Board of directors, may be contentious, so it’s important to seek expert legal advice as early as possible to protect your position.

Our executive employment lawyers provide tailored strategies to protect your career, your professional reputation, financial stability and to support you in your transition to the next opportunity.

Timely and accurate advice from an experienced workplace lawyer may make all the difference. Book an initial consultation with your local employment law specialist. 

We're by your side

Our executive employment lawyers have an outstanding record of achieving successful outcomes for employees in both the private and public sector. We know how to navigate this increasingly complex and ever-changing area of the law.


Book an initial consult online with an employment lawyer. Your first consultation costs $690 (incl GST).


At your one hour consult our expert executive employment lawyers will provide advice on your situation, the best action to take, and next steps. 


Most of our cases are resolved out of court, and discretion is assured. 

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Our Canberra office is now closed, but our team continues to serve ACT clients and are available for phone and video appointments. If you need legal advice, please call us on 1800 675 346.

We have lawyers who specialise in a range of legal claims who travel to Tasmania. If you need a lawyer in Hobart, Launceston or elsewhere in Tasmania, please call us on 1800 675 346.