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Diversity and inclusion

A diverse and inclusive workplace and community is something we are absolutely committed to.

Diversity and inclusion matters at Maurice Blackburn

We’re all different, and those differences are something we celebrate. It’s our individual life experiences that form our unique values, perspectives, ideas and aspirations. These differences shape a remarkable, innovative and successful Australian community. It’s called diversity. And we believe that a diverse community can solve problems, face challenges and reach better outcomes more effectively than one with the same worldview. Not only do we believe in it, we actively foster diversity and promote inclusion within our firm.

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace culture where:

  • every employee feels comfortable to bring their whole self to work and thrive in an accepting and supportive environment
  • our clients and other visitors to our firm are treated with dignity and respect by every member of the Maurice Blackburn team.

We welcome clients, visitors and team members into our firm regardless of their age, language, ethnicity, cultural background, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, intersex status, disability, learning style, educational level, professional skills, work and life experiences, socio-economic background, job function, geographical location, relationship status or family responsibilities.

We address structural inequality

We are committed to creating an environment where we all feel safe and can be heard. We do this by challenging discrimination in all of its forms and removing barriers to inclusion through taking positive steps in our firm and into the communities we serve.

At Maurice Blackburn, we recognise that in our society, structural inequalities persist which mean women, members of the LGBTIQ+ community, members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and those who are from culturally or linguistically diverse backgrounds may need additional support and structures to ensure they receive the opportunities and equality they deserve.

We have a long history of addressing these issues through specific groups within the firm which focus on eliminating entrenched discrimination and developing opportunities within our firm and in the community. Many of these groups are well-established and have played a vital role within the firm for some time.

Women’s Network

Actively supports the advancement of women with sub-committees focused on women in the firm, women in the legal profession, women in unions and women in the community.

PRIDE Network

Helping to nurture and maintain a workplace culture that embraces people who identify as LGBTIQ+ through Power, Respect, Inclusivity, Diversity and Equality.

Rights and Reconciliation Group

Undertakes public interest litigation of significance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and pursue projects to advance Indigenous rights and equality including the firm’s Reconciliation Action Plan.

Cultural Diversity Group

Supports the development of a culturally competent workplace through ensuring effective cross-cultural attitudes, behaviours and work practices across the firm. Participates in a variety of activities within the firm and externally to nurture and develop relationships with groups of people from various cultural backgrounds.

Accessibility & Inclusion Group

Aims to maximise the accessibility of the firm for employees and the community by ensuring that our services, technologies, facilities, recruitment, and policies and procedures are discrimination-free and inclusive of people with disability.


Strives to create genuine advantages for current and future generations of carers and dependents by supporting carers to bring their whole selves to work and thrive in an accepting and supportive environment.


We reflect our commitment to diversity and inclusion in all of our processes and policies

In working to promote and deliver diversity and inclusion at Maurice Blackburn we will focus on the following areas within the firm:

Employment, pay and benefits & career development

Developing and enhancing our policies and processes to encourage and support diversity, equality and inclusion in how our employees are recruited, promoted, trained, paid and rewarded.

Health and safety, work-life-balance & freedom from violence

Ensuring that our employees have a safe, respectful and supportive workplace that enables every employee to thrive both in the workplace and at home.

Leadership transparency & governance

Continuing to develop our structural frameworks to ensure that our employees have fair and transparent access to leadership opportunities.

Business and supply chain

Endeavouring to purchasing our goods and services from businesses that provide safe workplaces where employees are treated equitably and are given a voice.

Social justice & community engagement

Working with our clients and the broader community to create a safe, free and equal society, including providing financial and non-financial support to community events and groups.

Accountability & recognition

Implementing appropriate reporting mechanisms that monitor workplace equality, diversity and inclusion and allowing employees and members of the public to access such information.

Education & awareness

Providing training and educational materials to ensure our employees have the knowledge and skills they need to embrace diversity and strive towards inclusion.

We expect everyone to be ‘All In’- this means you!

An ‘All In’ commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace is a two-way street. We can’t achieve our goals without you. The good news is what we expect from you is a commitment to the very same values that made us your firm of choice:

  • Every employee will foster and promote a work environment that is safe, inclusive, free from discrimination and reflective of the diverse community we service.
  • Every client of, and visitor to, our firm will treat our team, clients and visitors with respect and courtesy.

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace and community is the responsibility of every Maurice Blackburn employee, client and visitor.

We are Australia’s leading social justice law firm because of our foundation built on the very principles of equality. By entrenching our commitment across every facet of the firm, we will ensure this thinking will be the driver of a diverse and inclusive workplace and the approach we take when serving our clients and the community.

It’s why we have established a firm of exceptional people and what makes us your firm of choice.

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