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We Fight For Fair

About us

Maurice Blackburn is proud to be Australia’s leading social justice law firm. We’ve built a reputation on the unwavering belief that the law should serve everyone, not just those who can afford it.

We Fight For Fair.

That’s why we’re here for everyday Australians who deserve to have their rights defended, people who deserve:

The right to be free – to live without the threat of persecution or oppression.

The right to feel safe – to live and work without physical or emotional threats.

The right to be heard – to not be silenced by the wealthy, privileged or powerful.

The right to equality – to be respected as human beings and free from prejudice.

In 1919, Maurice Blackburn – a man whose sense of civil liberty was ahead of his time – set the course for social justice in Australia. In the time since, his law firm has contributed to some of Australia’s most influential legal decisions, from the 40-hour week and equal pay for women and Indigenous workers, to the fight against patenting of human genes and the largest class action settlement in Australian history. And the legacy grows as we continue to protect the exploited, free the wrongfully detained and hold the big names to account. Although we’ve been leading the charge for almost a century now, as far as we’re concerned, the fight for fair has only just begun.

Today, Maurice Blackburn is a national firm with over 30 offices throughout Australia and more than 1000 of the country’s best and most respected legal professionals. We provide accurate and confidential advice without unnecessary legal jargon, and we recognise the varying financial circumstances of our clients and offer a flexible fee policy. We treat every client who walks through our door with the sincerity and respect they deserve.

You can read more about our commitment to you in our full client charter.

If you need someone in your corner, someone who’s willing to fight for your rights, speak to us today.



Being safe, being heard, being free, being equal.

With a proud history of standing up for the rights of everyday Australians, Maurice Blackburn has become the country’s leading social justice law firm and a true champion in the fight for fair.

Being safe

We all have the right to feel physically and emotionally safe. In a fair and just society, the places where we work, live and spend time with one another should be free from threats to our safety.

Being heard

We all have the right to be heard. In a fair and just society, our voices should not be silenced by the wealthy, privileged, or powerful.

Being free

We all have the right to be free. In a fair and just society, we should have the power to live without the threat of persecution or oppression.

Being equal

We all have the right to be treated equally. In a fair and just society, we each deserve to be valued as the person we are, free from bigotry and prejudice.

Father of the Fair Go

Maurice Blackburn was one of Australia's most prolific social reformers and progressive thinkers, a true freedom fighter.

He was an unlikely Australia hero - not the masculine, sporting, larrikin or war hero we usually celebrate. Using intellect as his weapon, Maurice was an activist hero who spent his life fighting for the rights of the poor and working classes.

Father of the Fair Go

Featuring prominent Australians from political, legal and union circles, Father of the Fair Go is a documentary detailing the life a man defined by an unwavering conscience, strength of character and a core need to 'make life a little easier for the men and women of this country.'

One hundred years after Maurice Blackburn started our firm, in 1919, we are looking back at the life of a man whose sense of civil liberty was ahead of his time. From his principled stance against overseas conscription, his support for women’s rights and his role in shaping Australia's industrial relations movement, his legacy continues in the rights we enjoy today.


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