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We offer 'no win, no fee' 

Before we start any work on your behalf, we will fully inform you about the estimated costs of our legal services and if you are eligible for ‘no win, no fee’. We will also inform you of the payment arrangements which apply in your case, as well as explaining how our fees are calculated. This is known as the Costs Agreement.

We have four different types of Costs Agreements:

1. 'No win, no fee'* (No win - no charge) costs

Several of our departments offer 'no win, no fee' arrangements for many of our legal services. 'No win, no fee' arrangements may be offered by the following practice areas:


We offer 'no win, no fee' legal services when appropriate and when we believe that your case is reasonably likely to be successful. 'No win, no fee' only applies to our professional fees (the fees we charge for work performed by us). In most cases, disbursements (the out of pocket expenses that we pay to other people) must be paid whether you win or lose.

In our Class Actions and Asbestos Exposure practice areas, disbursements will only be payable if your claim is successful.

2. Deferred professional fees

This is an arrangement where disbursements and out of pocket expenses are payable as requested by us, and professional fees are payable shortly before or at the end of your case, regardless of outcome.

3. Pay as you go

This is an arrangement where disbursements and out of pocket expenses are payable either when they fall due or in advance, and professional fees are billed and due on either a monthly or quarterly basis, regardless of outcome.

4. Pay in advance

This is an arrangement where all legal costs are paid in advance, and are payable regardless of outcome. The amount to be paid in advance will be determined by a written agreement between us and you.

For further information on Maurice Blackburn's fee arrangements, contact us on 1800 621 880 or use the contact form.


It doesn't cost you anything to know where you stand 

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