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Insurance claims and disputes lawyers

Insurance disputes

Our dedicated insurance claims legal team will help you lodge and negotiate insurance claims or dispute rejected claims, to ensure you receive your full benefits when you need them the most.

How we can help

It can come as a shock when your insurer uses the fine print to knock back your claim. Unreasonably delaying or declining claims can cause stress and hardship.

Taking on a well-resourced insurance company can be daunting. But, with an expert insurance lawyer by your side, it doesn’t have to be. Insurance companies know that Maurice Blackburn will hold them to account if they unreasonably deny or delay your claim. You will have our support and guidance every step of the way. We can help you:

  • find out if you have a valid claim
  • understand the fine print in your policy
  • make a claim on your behalf 
  • lodge a dispute on your behalf
  • represent you in a tribunal or court if required
  • get you the result you deserve, which may include penalty interest from the insurer if it caused any unreasonable delay.


Types of insurance we help with

Five main reasons for a rejected insurance claim

1. Not enough evidence

They say you haven’t provided enough evidence to support your claim.

Depending on the type of insurance, you may have to lodge:

  • a claim form
  • a list of lost or damaged items
  • medical or other expert reports
  • employer statements
  • tax documents.

2. Failure to disclose information

They say you have failed to disclose important information.

You must disclose relevant information when you renew or take out a new policy. If your insurer can show that you failed to provide accurate or complete details, they may try to reject your insurance claim.

3. Failure to comply with conditions

They say you haven't complied with a condition or an exclusion clause applies.

Insurance policy fine print is often difficult to understand. It’s important to check your policy to find out what conditions and exclusion clauses may affect your claim before you lodge.

4. Dishonestly or fraud

They say you have acted dishonestly or fraudulently.

Fraud can have serious legal implications so it’s important to seek legal advice immediately if you're accused of acting dishonestly or carelessly.

5. No active policy

They say your policy has been cancelled and the event didn't occur while your policy was active.

Policies are often cancelled when premiums aren't paid in time or if the policy is not renewed at its anniversary.

What you need to dispute a rejection

In general, to dispute an insurer’s decision you will need:

  • Evidence and supporting documents. Things like reports, assessments, photos, receipts, correspondence, bank and other financial statements that provide background to your dispute.
  • Claim outcome details. Have a clear description of the outcome you want ready. Relevant calculations that show financial loss or compensation will be helpful.
  • A timeline of events. This will help everyone involved to understand the specific circumstances surrounding the insured event being claimed for. Small details can change the outcome of a claim.  

How we can help dispute an insurance claim rejection

You have the right to challenge a denied or rejected insurance claim.  

We offer 'no win, no fee'* for insurance dispute cases. So you don’t have to pay for our legal services if your insurance dispute is unsuccessful.


Understand your policy.

We'll make sure we know exactly what you’re covered for. We'll give you advice on whether you have a claim and what the outcome should be.


Make your dispute.

We'll contact your insurer on your behalf and let them know you want to dispute their decision.


Request an internal review.

You don't have to accept your insurer’s initial decision if it doesn’t solve your problem. We'll follow your insurer’s internal dispute resolution process.


Make an AFCA complaint or file a Court case.

If your insurer can’t resolve your dispute in house, we can lodge a dispute with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) or file a Court case.

Why Maurice Blackburn?

Our insurance claim lawyers are experts in getting your full entitlements through your insurance policy.

With an experienced lawyer by your side, you'll be guided through the process to get what you're entitled to.

Get in touch with our specialised insurance claim lawyers. 

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