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404 Gympie Road, Strathpine, QLD 4500

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Opening hours

Please contact us before visiting, as office capacity limits may be in place.

Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm Closed Public Holidays

Parking and facilities
  • Parking available on surrounding streets and nearby carparks

  • Access for people with a disability

Getting here

Nearest station is Bray Park


669, 671, 672, 673, 674, 680

Your local Strathpine Lawyers

Our tight-knit team at Maurice Blackburn Strathpine are dedicated to providing expert legal advice and a variety of legal services to our local community. We will support you through the entire process and ensure you receive the compensation and entitlements you deserve.

We specialise in personal injury and compensation claims, and also offer expert legal advice and representation across:

  • Workplace injury claims
  • Road accident injury claims
  • Public place injury claims
  • Superannuation and insurance claims
  • Medical negligence claims
  • Childhood abuse claims
  • Dust diseases claims
  • Employment disputes
  • Industrial deafness claims
  • Wills and estates disputes
  • Class actions

We strongly believe that everyone is entitled to a fair go and we are committed to protecting the legal rights of all Australians.

We are committed to the Strathpine community

Our Strathpine lawyers have close ties with local union movements, in particular the airport union where we’ve helped educate workers on their rights to a safe working environment.

We are committed to defending the rights of our local residents through our legal services, but also by engaging with a number of meaningful community initiatives, including:

  • Local law firms (Barton Family Lawyers, Big Law and Bradshaw Lawyers) so referrals can positively help clients.
  • Pine Rivers Community Legal service, where we do volunteer work.
  • Local Health Professionals – to better understand client needs, including treatment and legal claims.
  • Supporting unions such as TWU, AMWU, AWU, RTBU and UWU.

We are an engaged, happy and experienced team that values a positive work-life balance. We enjoy spending time together as a team with regular morning teas (and birthday cakes!) and monthly team lunches. We also enjoy when our colleagues' families come to visit and we take time out for the occasional Friday afternoon drink and putt putt.  

Contact Maurice Blackburn Strathpine to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable and helpful lawyers about your unique situation.

Meet the lawyers in our Strathpine team


Rachel Davis

Associate, Office Leader, Public place injury, Road injury, Work injury

  • Strathpine, QLD
  • (07) 3490 4712

Alison Barrett

Principal Lawyer, Supervising Principal, Work injury, Road injury, Public place injury

  • Gold Coast, QLD
  • (07) 3014 5012

Arabella Kullack

National Estate Administration and State Litigation Leader, Wills and estates

  • Cairns, QLD
  • (07) 4046 7119

Giri Sivaraman

Principal, Employment issues

  • Brisbane, QLD
  • (07) 3016 0345

Jed McNamara

Special Counsel, State Team Leader, Childhood abuse

  • Sunshine Coast, QLD
  • (07) 5430 8739

Jonathan Walsh

Principal, Dust diseases

  • Brisbane, QLD
    Sydney, NSW
  • (07) 3014 5004

Josh Mennen

Principal Lawyer, National Litigation Leader, Superannuation, Insurance, Financial advice disputes

  • Brisbane, QLD
  • (03) 9605 2792

Melissa Meyers

Senior Associate, Office Leader, Work injury, Road injury, Public place injury

  • Brisbane, QLD
    Bundaberg, QLD
  • (07) 3016 0375

Caitlin Barnes

Lawyer, Work injury, Road injury, Public place injury

  • Strathpine, QLD
  • (07) 3490 4712

Ken Osborne

Lawyer, Work injury, Road injury, Public place injury

  • Strathpine, QLD
  • (07) 3490 4768

Shane Dellit

Lawyer, Work injury, Road injury, Public place injury

  • Strathpine, QLD
  • (07) 3490 4701

Yuko Harding

Lawyer, Work injury, Road injury, Public place injury

  • Strathpine, QLD
  • (07) 3490 4706