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Michael Cooney

General Manager of Public Affairs
Michael Cooney

Michael Cooney is Maurice Blackburn’s General Manager of Public Affairs, based at the firm’s Melbourne office.

Michael joined the firm in 2019 leading the stakeholder engagement, public policy and media functions.

“Our firm has an old soul. Maurice Blackburn was a fighter who knew where power lay in Australia in his day, and who knew how much needed to change for power to lie with working people. His wife Doris was also a fighter and knew there’s no equality for working people if there isn’t equality for women.”

Michael is a Labor writer and adviser who has been involved in national political campaigns for change throughout most of this century. He previously worked as speechwriter to Prime Minister Julia Gillard and documented Labor’s government from 2010-2013 in The Gillard Project. Michael was also principal policy adviser to Federal Labor Leaders Kim Beazley and Mark Latham, and the founding policy director at the progressive think tank Per Capita.