Discrimination claim lodged for SBS journalist Scott McIntyre

18 May 2015
Employment law experts Maurice Blackburn have today filed a discrimination claim for former SBS journalist Scott McIntyre who lost his job as a sports journalist after expressing controversial views about Anzac Day on Twitter.

The application made to the Fair Work Commission claims that SBS breached its policies, including its Code of Conduct, and did not follow due process when the broadcaster dismissed Mr McIntyre on 26 April 2015.

The case is not about whether Mr McIntyre’s opinions are correct or not. It will focus on whether the views expressed by Mr McIntyre constituted political opinion and whether SBS terminated his employment for expressing these views. Section 351 of the Fair Work Act protects employees from adverse action by their employer (including sacking) if they express political opinion.

It is alleged SBS took action without a proper investigation and consideration of all relevant issues. It will be contended that Mr McIntyre had an unblemished work record and if a proper process had been followed, he would still be employed in his chosen career.

Maurice Blackburn, along with barristers Michael Lee SC and Siobhan Keating are representing Mr McIntyre.

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