Maurice Blackburn welcomes Vic Govt introduction of lane filtering to ease congestion and improve safety

29 September 2015
Road safety advocates Maurice Blackburn Lawyers have today welcomed the Victorian Government’s announcement that it will introduce lane filtering across the State from November.

Maurice Blackburn principal Geraldine Collins said that lane filtering in Victoria was long overdue, with lane filtering proven to have significant benefits for road safety, including reductions in rear end collisions of motorcyclists, easing congestion and allowing motorcyclists to move away from intersections safely.

Lane filtering is defined as motorcycles moving between lanes of slow or stationary traffic. In jurisdictions where it has been introduced in Australia, lane filtering is not permitted near heavy vehicles and buses. Speed and licence restrictions apply and filtering is not permitted around schools.

“Our firm has long supported the introduction of lane filtering nationwide, and we are very pleased to see that Victoria will now be introducing lane filtering,” Ms Collins said.

“This brings Victoria into line with a number of other states. Lane filtering is a highly effective, common sense way of reducing congestion and helping to make our roads safer for all users, and the Government are to be commended for the consultation process that has been undertaken in announcing this policy today.

“A large European study* previously undertaken has also shown it's safer for riders and it is legal in many other places around the world,” she said.

Ms Collins said with Victoria now also moving to lane filtering it was time for other states still yet to act to also look at similar measures to ensure a consistent approach nationally for road users.

“Currently lane filtering is legal in Queensland and in NSW, with a two-year trial underway in the ACT,” Ms Collins said.

“With Victoria now stepping up to legalise lane filtering we call on other states to act, as not only will a uniform approach improve safety and ease congestion, it will also limit confusion among all road users, particularly those having travelling across states.”

Maurice Blackburn, working with Australia’s motorcycling community, has long been a champion of lane filtering and other motorcycling safety initiatives. It has run an online campaign and produced a video to raise awareness of lane filtering:

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