Baby Amelia suffers permanent brain injury in Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital after gas incident

6 September 2016
The parents of the first baby to be wrongly administered a dangerous gas shortly after birth have spoken for the first time of their love and concern for their daughter.

The much anticipated first child for Benish and Danial Khan, Amelia was delivered at Bankstown Hospital on 20 June, 2016. Shortly after her birth, Amelia was given what should have been oxygen, but was many weeks later revealed to have been nitrous oxide.

“It’s devastating as a parent to be told that your precious daughter has suffered permanent brain damage,” Amelia’s parents said.

Amelia has been diagnosed with an irreversible brain injury which causes constant seizures. She is fed through a tube and requires a high level of constant care.

Benish and Danial Khan wish to express their deepest sympathy to the Ghanem family, whose newborn son, John was also administered nitrous oxide and tragically passed away.

“We can only imagine the intense pain this family is going through and our hearts go out to them,” Mr and Mrs Khan said.

“We remain full of hope for Amelia’s future but we worry for her and want to do everything we can to make sure she has the best life she possibly can.”

Maurice Blackburn medical negligence lawyer, Libby Brookes is representing the family and says Amelia’s permanent brain injury sustained at Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital has had a shattering impact on her parents and the extended family.

“Like all parents, they were simply looking forward to welcoming their child safely into the world. Now their lives have been turned completely upside down,” Ms Brookes said.

“Amelia’s parents and her family have suffered a terrible shock learning that she was given nitrous oxide instead of oxygen at the hospital.”

Ms Brookes is investigating a claim for compensation on behalf of Amelia and her parents.

“Maurice Blackburn will work to get the best possible outcome for Amelia and her family to ensure Amelia gets what she needs so that she is given every chance to reach her potential.”

This case raises serious concerns for patient safety in New South Wales.

“Amelia’s family and Maurice Blackburn hope that by investigating exactly what occurred at Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital we can prevent this ever happening again to another family and restore some confidence in the system,” Ms Brookes said.

Despite Amelia’s injury and diagnosis, her parents, like all others, are relishing the arrival of their first child.

“We just want everyone to know what happened to Amelia won’t ever go away. She will always have to live with the consequences of what was done to her at the hospital,” Mr and Mrs Khan said.

“But we will always be by her side and we’ll do everything we can to give her the best possible future”.

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