VW to settle in US but continue treating Australia as a backwater

28 June 2016
In the wake of reports that VW is preparing to pay more than $10billion ($USD) in compensation to US motorists affected by the dieselgate emissions scandal, Senior Associate on the Maurice Blackburn Lawyers' VW class action, Angus Francis, had this to say:

"It is very disappointing that VW continues to maintain a hard line toward denying any wrongdoing to Australian consumers particularly in the face of the public apologies and news of settlements in other jurisdictions.

"To deny affected Australian motorists fair and just compensation when they are prepared to compensate overseas consumers belies all of the spin coming out of the company that it is in any way sorry.

"They've paved the way overseas, and the 100,000 affected Australian motorists caught up in this global scandal are ready for VW to remedy their mistakes here now too."

Dr Francis said the matter was due back in the Federal Court before Justice Foster on 7 July.

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