Lawyers call for AMP to provide all documents in sexual harassment scandal

21 August 2020
Lawyers for Julia Szlakowski have today responded to AMP’s request that she provide her consent to the public release of her detailed complaint of sexual harassment together with the detailed investigation report into the allegations.

Maurice Blackburn Principal Josh Bornstein, acting for Ms Szlakowski, said that while his client had no concern with her full complaint being released along with the short document she was given by AMP setting out findings of the investigation at that time, Ms Szlakowski has never been provided with a copy of the full investigation report into her complaint.

“AMP in its public statement today say they want to ensure fair treatment for my client in seeking her consent to publicly release documents relating to her sexual harassment complaint,” Mr Bornstein said.

“The fact remains however that our client has never been provided with a copy of the full investigation report into her complaint, and without this it makes it very difficult for her to provide meaningful consent to AMP’s request today.

“In line with AMP’s promise to afford fair treatment to Julia Szlakowski, we have written to AMP conveying her consent to the release of her full complaint and the two page investigation finding document that she was provided with.

“In addition, we have requested that AMP immediately produce a copy of the full investigation report to Ms Szlakowski together with the following:

  • A copy of the terms of reference provided to Mr Andrew Burns QC who undertook the investigation;
  • All communications between Mr Burns and AMP and/or the company’s lawyers regarding Ms Szlakowski’s complaint and investigation;
  • A copy of any draft investigation report; and
  • All documents relating to the disciplinary action taken against Mr Pahari including any documents which canvassed disciplinary action other than the imposition of a financial penalty.

“Once Ms Szlakowski has been provided with these additional documents, she will be able to consider further AMP’s request for consent to the public release of the full investigation report,” he said.

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