About our Darwin office

The Darwin office was opened in 2015, and from its humble beginnings has defended and supported hundreds of clients throughout the area.

Our team embrace the positive attitude of the Northern Territory’s fighting spirit, while operating in a legal system that is vastly different to the rest of the country. Our expert team of lawyers have a full understanding of the state law, and work tirelessly to secure the most successful outcome for all of our clients.

We stand for the Northern Territory

As a local office, we stand for the Northern Territory and the people who live here. We are committed to protecting the community not just in a legal sense, but also environmentally and socially.

The non-profit organizations that we support includes the: NT Working Women’s Centre, Top End Women’s Legal Centre, Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service, Northern Territory Legal Aid, Northern Australia Aboriginal Justice Agency, Leukaemia Foundation NT, Cancer Council NT, Lutheran Community Care NT, Pedals NT, Rider Aware Northern Territory (RANT) and DASSAN.

When it comes to legal representation in the Northern Territory, we have fought and won cases across a wide range of areas, including workplace injury claims, motor vehicle claims, medical negligence, superannuation and insurance claims, class action lawsuits, and personal injury and compensation claims of all types.

In fact, the only case we haven’t had yet is an injury caused by a crocodile, but if it came to it and our client needed it, we would try our best!

Contact us today to arrange an appointment at our Darwin office. Our office also regularly visit Alice Springs. Appointments are available on request.

Nearby visiting offices

Lawyers from our Darwin office also visit Alice Springs to meet with you.


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