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Rhys Chamberlain

National Relationship Manager, Professional and Community Networks

Rhys Chamberlain provides superannuation and insurance claims information and client support in Melbourne and throughout our Victorian offices.


BA/BE (Mechanical), Cert IV Superannuation (ASFA)

“Through working in superannuation and insurance claims with a focus on disability insurance, I have the opportunity to work closely with a wide range of organisations and individuals in the disability, health, financial and legal sectors,” says Rhys.

“A country boy from Victoria, I love the wide open spaces my work takes me to and people I meet because of it.

“I find the conversations I have with people over a cup of tea at their kitchen table, hearing their stories, knowing their struggles and giving them hope that we can help change their circumstances, give them better choices and have a huge impact on their quality of life to be the most rewarding part of my role.

“It’s heartening to be able to help people navigate the often complex process of disability insurance claims to ensure they can maximise the benefit from their entitlements. NSW is a big state, but it is always worth the journey when I see the impact on peoples’ lives as a result of what we do.”

In addition to liaising with individuals about their superannuation and insurance claims, Rhys also presents to community groups, letting people know about their legal rights.

“I have a particular focus on building relationships with regional services to ensure those in the community have the support to access superannuation benefits when they need it most.

“Many people who attend information sessions are surprised to learn that they have policies as part of their superannuation that they can access in times of need, such as if they can’t work for any medical reason. And these policies are in addition to their compensation rights, although it pays to get legal advice because there’s a lot of small print.

“The organisations I work with and their clients benefit from the expertise offered by the largest super and insurance practice in Australia. There’s a lot of confidence that comes from dealing with such an experienced legal organisation, and I’m proud to be part of it.”