AMP super fees class action

Maurice Blackburn has filed a class action on behalf of all AMP superannuation fund account holders.

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The claim alleges that the AMP trustees and AMP Group companies contravened a number of statutory and/or general law obligations, which resulted in AMP members being overcharged administration fees for an extended period of time.

Anyone who held one or more superannuation account(s) with AMP at any time from 30 May 2013 can sign up now for our class action. At this stage we do not need details of the fees you paid on your AMP superannuation account(s).

If you are looking for our shareholder class action against AMP, please click here.

How do I join?

To sign up, you must access the Client Portal here.

As part of the sign up process, you will be asked to provide information about your AMP superannuation fund account. It will be useful if you have a copy of a recent AMP superannuation statement at hand. 

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We are currently receiving a high volume of enquiries in relation to this class action. We will respond to your calls and emails as soon as we can and thank you for your patience. 

If you are having difficulties in completing the form, please contact us at or on 1800 270 813. 

FAQs - your questions answered

Maurice Blackburn is Australia’s leading class action law firm.  We have achieved the nation’s biggest ever class actions recoveries, with eight of our largest class actions recovering in excess of $100 million each. Collectively our class actions have recovered over $2.6 billion in compensation for victims of wrongdoing.

Signing up to the AMP Super Fees Class Action will not expose you to any out of pocket costs. Unless and until there is a successful outcome, all costs will be borne either by Maurice Blackburn or Harbour Fund IV L.P. In the event of a successful outcome, any costs payable to either Maurice Blackburn or Harbour Fund IV L.P will be deducted from, and will not exceed, any compensation that you are entitled to receive.


Under the terms of the Funding Agreement, Harbour Fund IV L.P will pay any costs order which may be made against the class representative (in Australia, the losing side in litigation is typically ordered to pay a proportion of the winning side’s costs) and will provide any security for costs ordered by the Court. Further, if you are a class member only and not the class representative (the person in whose name the proceeding will be brought), an adverse costs order may not be made directly against you in respect of the class action.

If you held one or more superannuation account(s) with AMP at any time from 30 May 2013, you are automatically a group member in the action and you are not required to do anything. You will be legally bound by the outcome unless you take steps to opt out.

We encourage you to sign up with us now however, so that we can keep you updated on progress and assist you with any steps you may need to take. 

At some stage, the applicants are likely to seek a common fund order, which is an order that all group members contribute to the cost of litigation funding whether they enter a funding agreement or not. If such an order is made, it will supersede the terms of your funding agreement. We still recommend entering a funding agreement now, as there is no disadvantage to doing so, and it means you will be regarded as a funded group member if, for some reason, common fund orders are not made. 

Yes. There is a 21 day cooling off period under both the Retainer and Costs Agreement and Funding Agreement, which stipulates that you may terminate each agreement by providing notice in writing.