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During the stage of data collection and confirmation, we will request your consent (or consent from the dedicated Contact) to share information about your claim with Related Persons.

A related person is someone who is also a registered claimant at the same loss location and/or same current residential address, such as a family member, housemate or business partner.

Losses were suffered in thousands of locations during the Queensland floods and, in many cases, there were multiple claimants at a single loss location. By authorising us to share your claim information with related persons, it will eliminate the need for the loss assessor to collect information about the same losses from multiple Claimants, preventing inconsistent descriptions and enabling us to assess claims and process payments more quickly.

We will not share your information with related persons or any other persons without your consent.

What information will we share with Related Persons?

If applicable, the information we will share with Related Persons includes:

  • Name of the Claimant(s) (person or organisation).
  • Name of the person representing those Claimants.
  • Nature, description and value of losses incurred at the location.
  • Independent assessment of the value of losses incurred at the location.
  • The nominated share of the losses claimed by the Claimant at the loss location.
  • Whether or not a fast track assessment process has been elected.
  • Whether or not any rights of review have been exercised, information relating to the review and the outcome of such review(s). Any other relevant information that may be required to finalise and approve the payment amount.

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