Practice area(s): Employment law services
Location(s): Sydney
Qualification(s): JD, BA

Brendan Edghill is an employment and industrial lawyer based in Maurice Blackburn’s Sydney office. Brendan had 15 years’ experience working for trade unions across a number of industries before joining Maurice Blackburn in 2021. He approaches providing advice, negotiation and advocacy in a clear, supportive and practical way, and his depth of experience is an asset when it comes to achieving positive outcomes for clients.

“Work is such a huge part of who we are – it is where we spend most of our waking hours and how we most often define ourselves. This is why I am passionate about practising in this area of the law. I am driven by the opportunity I have to make a real difference for our clients,” says Brendan.

Brendan has represented a broad range of employees with great success, from frontline workers to senior managers, in employment matters including unfair dismissals in federal and state tribunals, general protection claims, discrimination claims and underpayment claims.

Brendan has successfully:


  • Law Society of New South Wales
  • Union Lawyers and Industrial Officers