Practice area(s): Employment law services
Location(s): Melbourne
Qualification(s): BA, JD

Jack Faine is an Employment and Industrial Associate at Maurice Blackburn’s Melbourne office.

Jack has experience in a wide range of employment law matters, including unfair dismissal, general protections, discrimination, anti-bullying applications and workplace investigations.

“Work is an increasingly large part of our lives. When someone is treated poorly at work, it doesn’t just damage the workplace, it can often cause great hurt and personal distress for those affected. I love the fact that through good legal representation, workers can achieve more than just compensation. They can also restore a sense of fairness and justice within themselves.”

Jack’s achievements include successfully:

• Representing the NUW and its members against Chemist Warehouse;
• Defending a young emergency services worker from allegations of serious misconduct that resulted in the worker returning to work;
• Representing a senior public service employee in a workplace investigation and negotiating a departure settlement on their behalf;
• Assisting a senior executive in the TAFE sector to make a complaint about bullying and harassment within the organisation; and
• Representing hospitality workers in relation to significant underpayment claims.

Jack has also represented trade unions and their members in a variety of matters and in 2018, he assisted in representing GetUp! in an inquiry into its electoral status.

Prior to studying law, Jack worked in education.