Motorcycle riders face a distinct set of challenges, both on and off the road, from mutterings of “Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You” (SMIDSY), dangerous road surfaces and wire barriers, to inconsistent road rules from state to state.

We are working alongside our friends in the motorcycling industry to try to sort out this unfair treatment of riders. Our expertise on rider issues and our partnerships with key rider representative organisations enables us to advocate for riders’ rights and to provide expert advice and representation to riders.

On this page and on our Stop SMIDSY Facebook page, you can find information on common issues riders face. We encourage you to join in the conversation and take part in our campaigns.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, call Maurice Blackburn for advice. We are experts in rider claims and it won’t cost you a cent to find out where you stand.

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Riding issues

"Sorry mate I didn’t see you"

"Any person who's riding a motorcycle, when they're involved in an incident, they're just automatically deemed at fault. It's the furthest thing from the truth.

I wasn't doing anything wrong… I was coming out of a roundabout, just around the corner from home. All of a sudden bang."

Shannon, motorbike accident survivor

We’re working to increase visibility for riders on our roads.

Wire barriers

Wire rope barriers on the side of the road are quick and easy to install, and relatively cheap, at least in the short term. Unfortunately the wire ropes and vertical posts can be extremely dangerous for riders.

The smooth surface created by concrete barriers is by far safer if you slide along the road after an accident, like motorcyclists can.

Lane filtering

Even though research shows it’s safer for riders and eases traffic congestion, lane filtering has not been legalised in some Australian states and is still widely misunderstood by drivers.

It’s time for national consistency and a comprehensive driver awareness campaign on this important road rule.

Helmet cameras

Helmet laws have undergone drastic changes the past couple of years and this understandably has led to significant confusion amongst riders. For many riders, the use of a helmet camera can capture the sights of your ride and provide crucial evidence if you are involved in a road accident.

In our opinion they are legal to use in all states, but the legislation only makes that clear in Queensland and the ACT. We’ve seen several cases of riders being charged elsewhere, most recently in Victoria and South Australia.

Distracted driving

Recent research suggests Australian drivers are distracted around 45% of the time on our roads. Despite hefty fines, smartphone usage while on the road is on the rise.

No one is more aware of this than riders, who can see the offending motorists while they are filtering or stopped at intersections. Distracted drivers are a common cause of motorcycle accidents, so any increase in distraction can be fatal for riders.

Road resurfacing

Debris left on the road after repair work is incredibly dangerous for motorcyclists and has caused serious injuries to riders. Click here to read about our client Stephen, who was injured after a bad road repair caused his bike to slip.

The debris, which can stretch out for the entire width of a road and be metres long, is often left for several days before a contractor returns to sweep it away. We need to get to the bottom of why it’s happening and how to stop it.

Something happen on the road?

Andrew McKenzie

Queensland Head of Road Injuries

"Andrew McKenzie is a passionate fighter for what is fair. He is a Principal at Maurice Blackburn and head of our Queensland personal injury department"

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Special Counsel

"Danielle De Paoli is Special Counsel of Maurice Blackburn’s Parramatta office. She is a Law Society of NSW Personal Injury Accredited Specialist."

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Senior Associate

"Katie Minogue is a Senior Associate in Maurice Blackburn’s Victoria road and work accident injuries compensation practices. She leads our Traralgon office and helps people in the Gippsland area with their TAC and WorkCover claims."

Lloyd Toffolon


"Lloyd Toffolon is a personal injury compensation lawyer in Maurice Blackburn’s Ringwood office. Lloyd has a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws from Deakin University."

Alice Lau

Senior Associate

"Alice Lau is a Senior Associate in Maurice Blackburn’s Victorian road accident injuries compensation practice, working in the Dandenong office. She is a Law Institute of Victoria personal injury accredited specialist."

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