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Who would have thought getting a lawyer-written Will was easier than a brick session!

Even triathletes need a Will to protect themselves and their family. No matter your age, or stage of life. With Maurice Blackburn's MyLife Wills® online service we make it easy, affordable and we draft it so it's done properly. With a FREE phone consultation, you don't even need to leave the house.

Simply submit your initial instructions and pay through MyLife Wills® online service by 30th of May and get 30% off a Standard Will(s) – for singles and couples.

Here is the discount code TRIATHLON994 you must enter on the payment page to take advantage of this offer.

Why choose MyLife Wills®?

  • It can take as little as 30 minutes to provide your instructions. And you can do it from the comfort of your own home.
  • We’ll help you. It’s OK to have questions. We know considerations about assets, guardians and beneficiaries may all seem difficult, but you only need to answer what you can. Once you submit your instructions online, our Wills & Estates experts will call you to answer your questions and finalise any areas you were unsure of. 
  • Expert quality. Unlike other online Will services or DIY kits, once you submit your instructions, you have a consultation with a member of our Wills & Estates team. Your Will is then drafted by an expert lawyer, ensuring it is legally sound.
  • Affordable. Because the online component removes the initial face time with a lawyer, we can offer an affordable, fixed price.

Need some help? Call us on 1800 519 710.

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Terms & Conditions
*This offer is valid for all Triathlon QLD members and their families. Instructions must be completed and payment made using the unique discount code shown above by 11.59pm AEDT 30 May 2021 for this offer to apply.
If your circumstances are more complex, we will discuss this with you in advance before proceeding as different charges may apply.

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Andrew Simpson

National Head of Wills and Estates Law Section, Wills and Estates

"The most rewarding part of my work is helping people obtain access to estate funds in circumstances where they are in financial need, which can be life changing."

Laura Evans-McKendry

Senior Associate, National Wills Drafting Leader, Wills and Estates

"It is satisfying to be able to help people navigate the necessary legal processes."

Paul Kheissy

Associate, Wills and Estates

Amelia Nagel

Associate, Wills and Estates

Geoff Donohue

General Manager of Business Development, Wills and Estates

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