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MyLife Wills® Online Service

Are you recently married, starting a family or investing in your first home? Maybe you’ve worked hard and you’re finally looking forward to retiring, or securing a future for your grandkids. We tend to think about the immediate paperwork, like insurance contracts or mortgage documents, but what about the legal documents that protect our family’s future?

No matter what stage of life you’re in, or how old you are, a Will is important. And with MyLife Wills®, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

In just 30 minutes, you can submit your instructions on how you’d like your estate managed. Don’t worry about making a mistake or leaving blank information. We call you once we’ve received your instructions to go through it with you. We can help you with any questions you have. You don’t even have to move from the couch.

You’ve worked hard for everything you’ve got. Now’s the time to protect it for the future.

Written and prepared by expert lawyers

Once we receive your instructions online, a friendly MyLife Wills®️ team member will call you to discuss your wishes. Your Will is then written by an expert lawyer meaning all legal formalities are complied with.

Our Wills are legally sound

Because MyLife Wills®️ are written by expert lawyers, they are legally sound. Your instructions are clearly articulated, providing you peace of mind that your wishes are protected if an opportunity for a dispute arises.

Fixed price from $399

Our lawyer written MyLife Wills®️ are available for a fixed fee. $399 for a single standard Will and $599 for couples. If your Will is more complex, we will contact you immediately to discuss your options.

Only takes 30 minutes

It only takes 30 minutes to provide your instructions online. If you make a mistake, don’t worry! Once we’ve received your instructions, we’ll call to confirm. Then we’ll prepare the rest! It’s that easy.

“I had been putting my Will off for ages but when I saw I could do it online with a lawyer I jumped on and did it because it was so easy.”

Nicole, age 38*

*Actual client testimonial, name withheld due to privacy.

Why choose Maurice Blackburn’s
expert Wills & Estates lawyers?

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Maurice Blackburn
MyLife Wills®
Maurice Blackburn
MyLife Documents®
Written by an expert Wills & Estates lawyer   X ? YES YES
Teleconference Consultation X X YES YES
Full service face to face consultation
with an expert Wills & Estates lawyer
Fixed fee pricing X YES YES YES
Quick & easy online X YES YES X

Additional services

Statement of Wishes X X X YES
Power of Attorney X ? X YES
Appointment of Medical
Treatment Decision Maker
Advance Care Directive X X X YES


    $399 $1,290


Just got married? Buying a home? Or retiring? You need a Will. Don’t put it off because you don’t think it’s the right time or you don’t know where to start.

MyLife Wills® Online Service is revolutionising expert lawyer written Wills. It is easy to use, quick and convenient. Provide your instructions in 30 minutes, then one of our Wills & Estates team members will call you to confirm your details and commence writing your Will.

Our standard Will is $399, with exceptional value of $599 if you decide to make a Will with a spouse or partner. If your situation is a bit more complex we will advise you once we have reviewed your information (additional costs may apply). If you are after a more comprehensive estate package, we can help with that too. Click here to find out more about MyLife Documents® fixed price package.



“It was so easy. I had finished the online form by the time I had finished my cup of coffee.”

Ton, age 63*

*Actual client testimonial, name withheld due to privacy.



MyLife Wills®
Online Service

Easy, quick and convenient - all you have to do is provide your information.