New medical law blog

19 November 2013

Some descriptionMedical negligence is a complex and fascinating area of law that can raise important questions about patient safety and access to justice. If you want to stay up-to-date with latest news, views and developments in medical law, in addition to this e-newsletter you can check out The Legal Prescription. It's a new blog by Tom Ballantyne, a Senior Associate at Maurice Blackburn.

Tom works exclusively for individuals and families who need legal assistance after receiving negligent care and treatment. His experience includes a wide variety of cases, including:

  • catastrophic birth injuries
  • delay in the diagnosis of cancer and other diseases
  • surgical mishaps
  • serious injuries after medical treatment, and
  • Coroners Court cases.

The current blog topics include:

  • Medicine and the law
  • Rise of the superbugs!
  • Hundreds of deaths not being reported to the Coroner
  • Treatment decisions, patient sovereignty and the internet

As with all blogs, the aim is to encourage a conversation.

"I'm keen to start a dialogue with health professionals, legal colleagues and health consumers who are interested in health care, medicine and legal issues," says Tom.

"Blogs can be a bit dry unless they stimulate debate and discussion, so feedback and suggestions are just what I want. It's a pretty varied and, at times, controversial area, so I'm sure there are a million different views and opinions out there."

Please note: Tom writes about medical and legal issues in Victoria, the ACT and WA. Under law, content on this blog is not intended for people in NSW or Queensland.