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The Herald Sun has reported a Safer Care Victoria investigation into Latrobe Regional Health, which included at least seven deaths.

The allegations include delays in receiving essential care, inaccuracies in diagnosis and treatment by medical staff, instances of patients waiting for surgery for up to 24 hours despite critical conditions, concerns regarding post-operative care, and deaths attributed to medical negligence and inadequate patient management.

More troubling cases, including deaths, prompting “grave concerns” regarding the quality of care at the hospital have also been reported. Underlying factors contributing to these incidents include chronic understaffing, staff being tasked with responsibilities beyond their qualifications and a pervasive culture of secrecy within the health network.

The reports and Safer Care investigation suggest that the health service may have systemic problems, putting patients throughout the region at risk.

It is of great concern that these systemic and catastrophic health system failures continue to occur. They also seem to disproportionately affect regional and remote Australia, with this being the latest in a list that includes the Albury-Wodonga colonoscopy recall, Mackay Hospital in Queensland, and Bacchus Marsh Hospital in Melbourne’s west. Urgent action is required to properly resource regional and remote health and improve the quality of medical care in such areas.

We have represented several clients in medical negligence claims involving medical mismanagement and surgical errors, including a number involving Latrobe Regional Health.

What should you do if poor hospital care has affected you?

If you or someone you know has been hurt at a hospital, such as Latrobe Regional Health, you can raise concerns and seek a review of the medical treatment you received.

What are my options if my baby or I have experienced an adverse outcome at the hospital? 

1. Make a complaint to the Health Complaints Commissioner
You are entitled to make a complaint to the Health Complaints Commissioner about the care and treatment you received from Latrobe Regional Health. 

2. Seek independent legal advice
You are entitled to seek independent legal advice about your rights in relation to any adverse outcome or injury that occurred in relation to any medical care you received.

In Victoria, there are strict notification procedures for seeking compensation against Latrobe Regional Hospital for personal injury or death. It’s best to speak to a lawyer about your rights and these time requirements. 

What to consider if you’re seeking compensation for medical negligence

Medical negligence arises when a health practitioner fails to take reasonable care, and their patient suffers an injury as a result. 

Patients who suffer harm due to medical negligence have the legal right to seek compensation for their damages. Legal action in cases of medical negligence involves proving that the healthcare provider breached their duty of care and that this breach directly led to the patient's injuries. Establishing this link can be complex, requiring expert medical testimony, comprehensive documentation, and legal expertise.

While compensation cannot reverse or undo the harm, it can contribute to ongoing medical costs, care costs, early intervention and therapy costs and other damage caused. Our team of expert medical negligence lawyers are here to help you understand your legal options and to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

We can help with medical negligence claims

Our team of expert medical negligence lawyers are here to help you understand your legal options and to achieve the best possible outcome for you. 

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