Sexual and institutional abuse lawyers

If you have suffered from sexual, physical or institutional abuse, no amount of financial redress can take away the pain caused. However you may be entitled to compensation to support you through this challenging time.

Abuse claim lawyers

Our expert abuse lawyers can assist in helping you gain the compensation you deserve. Our dedicated team understand the difficulties you are facing, and will make sure the process is as simple as possible.

All our lawyers and support staff are specially trained in trauma-informed practice, meaning we will approach your claim in a respectful and discrete manner, ensuring that your specific needs are met.

We will handle your case on a no win no fee basis, so you don’t have to worry about funding your case as it progresses.

Maurice Blackburn has experience in managing abuse claims for clients who were subjected to abuse within churches, church- and State-run institutions, public and private schools, youth and sporting organisations, foster homes, reformatory schools and prisons, and more.  

We have lawyers in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Darwin and Adelaide, and in other areas of Australia, so you will have a lawyer on your side who knows the laws in your state.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse – Federal redress scheme

Survivors of abuse that occurred within an institution may have access to the redress scheme announced by the federal government in November 2016. The scheme will offer compensation, counselling and psychological care, and a response from the institution if requested. They may also have claims directly against the institution – even if they have settled claims against the institution in the past.

Contact us today to find out more about the scheme and how you may be able to access redress.

FAQs - your questions answered

It doesn’t cost you anything to know where you stand. Your first consultation with Maurice Blackburn’s abuse lawyers is free, and we will provide expert legal advice as to whether you have a case.

Laws in state and territories differ across Australia, so the claim process will be different depending on the situation and location of your case. Seeking legal advice as soon as you feel able to is recommended so you know where you stand. Our expert lawyers will guide you through the steps needed, making the process as simple and stress free as possible.

Do time limits apply for abuse claims?

The laws have recently changed in some States so that time limits no longer apply. In other States, a time limit will apply in many cases.  Speak to one of our expert abuse lawyers to find out where you stand.