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Tuesday, 23 August 2016
In the news - Morning Star
Monday, 8 August 2016
In the news - The Guardian
Asbestos is far from a legacy issue. This is no time to rest easy The news that asbestos is slipping through our borders in cheap building materials from China and India means it remains an issue fraught with tragedy.
Monday, 8 August 2016
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The Italian Competition Authority fines the Volkswagen Group for tampering with their vehicles’ emissions control systems The Italian Competition Authority fines the Volkswagen group for tampering with their vehicles' emissions control systems.
Tuesday, 26 July 2016
In the news - SBS
Stronger protections needed to stop cycle of abuse among underpaid workers We can no longer ignore worker exploitation in Australia, and increased protections are needed for more people to speak out about unfair, unjust and unlawful treatment in the workplace, writes lawyer Giri Sivaraman.
Thursday, 14 July 2016
In the news - Courier Mail
Comment: Black lung victims have every right to feel angry QUEENSLAND coal miners have been let down for decades by large cracks in a health scheme designed to pick up early signs of black lung disease.
Wednesday, 29 June 2016
In the news - The Sydney Morning Herald
Asbestos disease compensation claim processing times have more than 'halved' The NSW government has reported the average processing time for people with insurance claims for dust diseases has fallen from 136 to 66 days since it made changes to the scheme last year.
Friday, 24 June 2016
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Volkswagen chief apologises to shareholders over emissions scandal The boss of embattled German auto giant Volkswagen has issued an apology to angry shareholders over the emissions cheating scandal that plunged the group into an unprecedented crisis.
Friday, 17 June 2016
In the news - The Australian
Malcolm Turnbull blames 'radical Islamist ideology' for terrorism Mr Turnbull said he had seen first-hand the “devotion, patriotism and dedication” of young Muslim leaders in Australia who continued to “uplift this nation” through the virtues of their faith... Mr Turnbull singled out young Muslim leaders he had met in the past, such as Azmeena Hussain, a senior associate at a Melbourne law firm and campaigner against domestic violence.
Thursday, 9 June 2016
In the news - The New Matilda
Backing The Whistleblowers: Politics, Australia’s Secrecy Laws And Our Criminal Justice System Recent investigations by the Australian Federal Police into alleged breaches of government secrecy laws aimed at protecting Commonwealth government information raise serious questions about whether these laws adversely affect our criminal justice system, writes Tim Conboy, from Maurice Blackburn’s Social Justice Practice.