Uber class action for taxi and hire car industry

Maurice Blackburn has filed a class action against Uber on behalf of participants in the taxi, hire-car, limousine and charter vehicle industry.

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Registration is open to participants who were licenced to operate in these states during the following times:

Victoria between 1 April 2014 and 23 August 2017
New South Wales between 7 April 2014 and 18 December 2015
Queensland between 17 April 2014 and 9 June 2017 and
Western Australia between 10 October 2014 and 4 July 2016.

We have just filed this class action. Read our latest media release. 

Who can register? 

Registration is open to anyone who was a:

  1. driver
  2. licence owner
  3. operator

of either taxis or hire cars, limousines or charter vehicles, who suffered a loss in earnings and/or licence value.

You do not need to be able to prove the loss at this point. If you held a licence, drove or operated a vehicle in this period, you are eligible to register.


How do I register?

Register for the Maurice Blackburn class action.

On the registration portal, you can register your details, and retain Maurice Blackburn to represent you in the class action.

As part of the online registration process, you will be asked to enter into two agreements:

  1. a Retainer and Costs Agreement with Maurice Blackburn
  2. a Funding Agreement with Harbour Fund III, L.P.

We also require you to provide us with the following as part of registration:

  • information about any taxi, hire car, limousine and/or charter vehicle licences that you may have held during the relevant period (including licence number, category, type and dates you held the licence)
  • if you were a driver, your driver identification or licence number.

Contact us

Please bear in mind that our phone lines and inbox may be quite busy with queries during this period. We will endeavour to respond to your calls and emails as soon as we can and thank you for your patience and understanding.

If you would like further information regarding the potential class action, please contact us at Uber@mauriceblackburn.com.au or on 1800 291 047.

Key documents

Frequently asked questions

Where seven or more people have claims that arise out of similar circumstances (such as in this case), a class action can be brought by one claimant on their own behalf and as a representative of others.

The class action process saves time and expense and avoids the need for the courts to determine common issues of fact or law more than once and enables disputes and claims involving large numbers of people to be resolved via a single case.

The claim is against Uber and various Uber entities. The claim is for lost income and loss in licence values for participants in the taxi and hire car / limousine /charter vehicle industries.

Nothing. The action is being run on a no win, no fee basis.

Registering for the Uber class action will not expose you to any out of pocket costs. Unless and until there is a successful outcome, all costs will be borne either by Maurice Blackburn or the litigation funder, Harbour.

In the event of a successful outcome, any costs payable to either Maurice Blackburn or the funder will be deducted from, and will not exceed, any compensation that you are entitled to receive.

We think this case is winnable and are working with senior barristers who also share this view.

Maurice Blackburn is seeking damages for claimants in respect of losses sustained as a result of Uber’s alleged conduct in the relevant loss periods (i.e. the period in which Uber operated illegally) for Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

This includes both loss in licence value and lost income. It is not possible to be more specific at this stage.


Under the terms of the Funding Agreement, Harbour Fund III, L.P. will pay any costs order which may be made against the class Representative (in Australia, the losing side in litigation is typically ordered to pay a proportion of the winning side’s costs) and will provide any security for costs ordered by the Court.

As a member of the class (and not the class representative, in whose name the case has been brought), an adverse costs order may not be made directly against you in respect of the class action.

Harbour Litigation Funding Limited is a leading global funder with hubs in the UK and Asia-Pacific. Further information can be found at https://www.harbourlitigationfunding.com/

Yes. There is a 21 day cooling off period under both the Retainer and Costs Agreement and Funding Agreement, which stipulate that you may terminate each agreement by providing notice in writing.