About our Brisbane office

Since Maurice Blackburn was established by our founder Maurice Blackburn, we have fought tirelessly to protect the legal rights of everyday Australians and ensure the best possible outcome for all of our clients.

Our team has a strong understanding, empathy, and respect for your cultural background, language and traditions. Our legal team can help you to gain the compensation and outcome you deserve.

We offer legal services for personal injury and compensation claims, insurance and superannuation claims , Wills and estates, and more.

Fighting for your rights

We have been involved in high-profile social justice cases which have challenged the excesses of government and business, and put the power back into the hands of those who have been disadvantaged.

Back in 1945, we worked with the ACTU to win a claim for the 40-hour work week. Throughout the 1950s and 60s, we collaborated with unions to fight for equal wages for women, until equal pay finally became law in 1972. In 1966, we acted on behalf of the North Australian Workers Union to win the landmark Northern Territory Cattle Industry case.

To this day, we are still achieving life-changing results for clients who have been seriously affected by injustice. In 2017, we distributed $700 million to survivors of the Black Saturday bushfires following the biggest class action settlement in Australian history.

Contact us today to speak with our friendly legal team. We will help you access the outcome you deserve.


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