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Hayriye Uluca

Principal Lawyer, State Litigation Leader
Hayriye Uluca

Hayriye Uluca is a Principal Lawyer and State Litigation Leader for Victoria practising in superannuation and insurance litigation at Maurice Blackburn.

Practice Area

Superannuation, Insurance



Hayriye was admitted to practice in 2010 working in Workers’ Compensation and pursuing common law and statutory benefits for her clients.

Hayriye commenced working for Maurice Blackburn in 2011 and has practiced solely in superannuation and insurance since 2012.

Hayriye is passionate about keeping insurers and trustees accountable, especially where they illustrate poor conduct and operate in a manner contrary to the interests of her clients.

In particular, Hayriye runs a practice of complex insurance litigation involving:

  • Non-disclosure matters;
  • Rejected TPD claims ranging from $50,000 to $2m;
  • Complex death benefit disputes;
  • Trauma and accidental sickness & injuries claims;
  • General insurance disputes including home and contents claims arising from water inundation, mould and fire, travel insurance and motor vehicle claims;
  • Income protection and business expenses claims;
  • Financial advice disputes where insurers have “churned’ their clients out of existing policies into new policies with inferior coverage and/or policy conditions; and
  • Providing subrogation and income protection recovery advice in common law claims.

Hayriye is sensitive to the devastating financial and emotional impact that rejected and drawn-out claims have on her clients and is driven to mitigate this impact by holding insurers and trustees to account.

Hayriye understands that superannuation and insurance is a difficult area to navigate and at first glance the entitlements a person may have and the obstacles they may face in pursuing a claim are unclear. Her passion is in creating better understanding about the pitfalls that exist within TPD and other insurance policies to improve the landscape for claimants, thereby making outcomes fairer and more generous for her clients.

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