LGBTI equality

In the journey towards equality before the law for all Australians, the achievement of marriage equality for same-sex couples will be remembered as a human rights victory that changed history. But it’s critical we acknowledge that the story of LGBTI rights in Australia, and our effort in achieving them, does not end here.

There is still work to be done to protect and advance the rights of LGBTI Australians in workplaces and communities across Australia. Those rights still include access to compensation and support benefits like superannuation, wills and estates, ending discrimination and bullying in the workplace and guaranteeing protection against sexual harassment and unfair dismissal.

Our Social Justice practice area is also committed to ensuring the path to freedom and equality continues for transgender, intersex and queer communities so that everyone has the protections and freedom to be who they are and participate in a rich and rewarding life in their places of work and communities they live.

For the LBGTI community, the battle for equality that entered the public consciousness via a protest march on the streets of Sydney 40 years ago, continues today. We acknowledge this and stand committed to ensure that the law is applied to equally and fairly to LBGTI Australians, everywhere.

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Same-sex marriage postal survey pro bono legal advice

The same-sex marriage postal vote delivered a resounding yes in November 2017. While same-sex marriage became legal in Australian on December 9, 2017, the LGBTI community had been forced to live through an unnecessary and decisive campaign that was in part funded by the Federal Government.


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