Insurance claims

If you have had an insurance claim rejected, your benefits not paid in full or if you’re having difficulty with your insurer, Maurice Blackburn can help.

We have the largest insurance claims legal department in Australia and we’re experts in fighting for people so they receive all their illness, accident and unforeseen occurrence benefits in their insurance policies. We have offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and throughout Australia.

FAQs - your questions answered

General insurance policy types include:

Home and contents insurance

Most people insure their house against damage or destruction, as well as having contents insurance, whether they own their home or rent.

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Travel insurance

If you’re travelling overseas, most people have travel insurance, either through a travel agent or with an online insurer.

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Motor vehicle insurance

Motor vehicle insurance covers you for damage done to your car, and for damage caused by your car. 

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Business insurance

Many business owners take out insurance to cover their property, stock, loss of profits and accounting expenses. 

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Sickness and accident insurance

Many people have sickness and accident insurance policies from consumer credit insurance, through sporting clubs, employers or unions. 

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Life insurance policy types include:

Trauma insurance

Trauma insurance, or Total and Temporary Disability (TTD) insurance, pays a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a particular health problem.

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Death benefits insurance

Life insurance is there to provide for your dependants if you die. 

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Income protection

Income protection is insurance to cover your income if you aren’t able to work because of any medical reason.

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Total and Permanently Disabled (TPD) insurance

Most workers are covered for TPD insurance through employment superannuation. 

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You will have to lodge a claim form and a list of the items lost or damaged. Depending on the type of the insurance, you will also have to file medical reports, employer statements, details of lost items and tax documents.

Insurance claims vary depending on their complexity and the type of claim.

Travel, business, motor vehicle and home insurance take 1-3 months on average.

Income protection, trauma and sickness and accident claims take 2-3 months and TPD claims usually take 6-12 months.

Most likely, but you might still be entitled to partial disability payments.

Yes. You can lodge an internal complaint and the insurer has 45 days to make a decision. If the complain is to a super fund, they have 90 days. We can help you with complaints.

Yes. You can lodge a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal (SCT) or take your case to court. We can help you with FOS, SCT and court cases.

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