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"You always think you're going to have time to react. That you'll have time to do something. But you don't."

That's what Matt says when he looks back on the road accident that changed his life.

Matt and Dinyse are a young couple living with their pets in Beaudesert, Queensland.

Before their accident, they loved rock climbing, hiking, and travelling throughout Australia.

Matt and Dinyse both worked physical jobs that they loved. Matt was a mechanic by trade, and Dinyse worked in a warehouse and as a horse trainer. They were SES volunteers in their local community.

But a road accident changed all that. It meant that Matt and Dinyse needed to find a new way forward.


How an accident changed everything

The day of the accident started as any other day. That was until a car on the road collided with the motorbike Matt and Dinyse were riding together on their way home from work.

Matt remembers lying on the road, looking for Dinyse. "I couldn't see her," he says. "I didn't know if she was alive or dead."

The fear and uncertainty didn't end on the day of the accident. Matt and Dinyse weren't at fault. They were wearing helmets and safety equipment. But they both faced extreme consequences from the accident. Matt was left with serious physical injuries and was unable to continue his work as a mechanic.

Dinyse's injuries also changed her life. "My dreams, everywhere I wanted to go, and my career path changed that day," she says. The emotional impact was significant: "I felt like life was hopeless."

In the time following the accident, Matt and Dinyse lost their income. They also required extensive treatment and rehabilitation. The necessary treatment lasted for years, and they’ve never fully recovered.

Worried about keeping a roof over their heads and what the future held, Matt and Dinyse reached out to us.

Finding help for a new start

Omar Sarac, an Associate at Maurice Blackburn's office in Brown Plains and a specialist in road injury law, spoke to Matt and Dinyse.

Thanks to our no-win, no-fee policy, Matt and Dinyse could speak to an experienced lawyer without any upfront costs.

"The no-win, no-fee was such a huge relief to know that we can get the help we need," says Dinyse.

Omar listened to their story and helped map a way forward, laying out their options and potential entitlements.

"I felt like he honestly wanted to be there, to help us, and to support us," says Dinyse.

"He was actually interested in our case and what had happened to us," says Matt.

Omar helped plan the next steps for Matt and Dinyse to help them obtain the compensation they deserved. Matt and Dinyse were eligible for multiple forms of compensation, which helped cover their treatment costs. The injuries Matt and Dinyse suffered had a profound impact on many aspects of their lives, including their quality of life and ability to work.

"Matt and Dinyse were injured as a result of another vehicle's negligent driving," says Omar.

That meant they could make a claim against the third-party insurer of the other vehicle’s driver. However, because Matthew and Dinyse were on their way home from work when the accident occurred, they could also make a workers’ compensation claim.

"This enabled them to get time off work for the needed treatment and rehabilitation," says Omar.

Matt and Dinyse could claim compensation for lost income, treatment costs, and more. The outcome meant that Matt and Dinyse could focus on their future again. "It's given us security," says Matt.

Despite their enormous challenges, Matt and Dinyse had never given up. After their accident, they married by the beach, still wearing moon boots. Matt ultimately found work in a mechanics shop once again—not on the tools anymore but diagnosing and analysing problems in an administrative role. Dinyse started a saddle-fitting business, building on her pre-accident experience as a horse trainer.

Omar and the team helped Matt and Dinyse navigate an enormously stressful time in their lives.

"They have been amazing," says Dinyse. "They have been right there by our sides.”

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