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For National Road Safety Week, we’re shining a light on some of our clients who’ve been in devastating accidents on the road, the life-altering injuries they experienced as a result, and how they’ve come out the other side with an important message; to please be safe on our roads.

Tony, a Queenslander who has held many jobs including truck wrecker, factory hand worker, tyre fitter, and in the mines and earthworks, was riding his motorbike to work very early one morning when a courier van pulled out from a side street and into his path of travel.

The front wheel of Tony’s motorcycle went under the van, and he was unresponsive for five minutes before he came to. Tony suffered catastrophic injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, ankle and foot fractures and a psychological injury.

What followed were the hardest years of Tony’s life, his recovery being a long road with enormous challenges.

Tony’s lawyer, Jillian Barrett, has been a huge support to him over the last four years since his road accident.

“At first, I had doubts - as everyone does - because I knew nothing about what was going on. It’s so intimidating, and you think, 'Am I with the best lawyer?'… By the end, I had full faith in Jillian,” says Tony.

Aside from assisting him in accessing compensation for his treatment, pain, suffering and lost/future loss of income, Jillian used her connections to put Tony on to a good psychologist, a financial counsellor, and even a family lawyer when his relationship broke down.

Incredibly, Tony has gone from being unable to walk or perform basic tasks to now living independently in a small country town in Far North Queensland, in a property he has purchased with some of his settlement money.

He needs to take things slowly and will likely not return to work ever again, but he looks forward to making his new house a home with a puppy and chooks in the future.

“People need to realise that dangerous driving is just not worth it. I always drove cautiously… You don’t think about all the flow-on effects of an accident – it affects everyone,” says Tony.

“I had to accept that the person I was, is not the person I am now or ever will be again. And now I am completely fine with that. But after an accident, you can’t get it through your head. I couldn’t get it through my head. I’m not the person I used to be who could jump on a horse or catch a bull by the tail.”

Tony’s optimistic outlook on life is admirable, but it has taken years of hard work and recovery to get where he is.

Motorbike, car, or other motor vehicle accidents are devastating. During National Road Safety Week, Tony’s story is a timely reminder of the importance of driving carefully and safely – for our own and others’ safety.

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