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Monday 05 February 2018
Media statements
Calls for greater transparency on hospital complications data a welcome step for patient safety Maurice Blackburn Lawyers have today welcomed calls from the Grattan Institute for greater transparency in the reporting and publication of hospital complications, saying the availability of such data would enable patients and practitioners to make more informed choices about hospital care and improve safety.
Practice Area: Medical negligence
Friday 02 February 2018
Media statements
Poker machine case decision A Federal Court judgment today on a landmark pro-bono poker machine case has found that while poker machine design features are not legally misleading and deceptive, the full impacts of such features in fuelling gambling addiction remain unclear.
Practice Area: Social justice
Thursday 01 February 2018
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers Newsletters
The High Court’s decision in Esso Australia Pty Ltd v The Australian Workers’ Union [2017] HCA 54 has further narrowed the grounds for taking protected industrial action. On December 6, 2017, the High Court handed down a decision on protected industrial action in relation to section 413(5) of the Fair Work Act 2009 (FW Act). The High Court’s decision means that, if a bargaining representative contravenes a Fair Work Commission order relating to industrial action, any subsequent industrial action organised for the same enterprise agreement will not be protected industrial action.
Practice Area: Employment law
Thursday 01 February 2018
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers Newsletters
Your behaviour: In and out of the workplace Most people think that their behaviour outside of the workplace is just that: independent to the workplace. It is often surprising to find out that activities that you participate in, outside of work, may cause you to lose your job.
Practice Area: Employment law
Thursday 01 February 2018
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers Newsletters
Coal dust: more than just black lung In late 2015, Queensland was rocked by news of the re-emergence of black lung, a disease that was wrongly assumed by many, including the Mines Department and Queensland Health, to have disappeared.  Tragically, however, it is a disease that never went away.
Practice Area: Occupational diseases